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The humAIn Principles

The humAIn Principles offer a practical framework for AI adoption in media and marketing. We see these principles as a living document, which will continue to evolve with changing AI capabilities, but which give the creative industries an adaptable set of guardrails for AI implementation.

Your input and feedback is welcome.   

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Industry wide research

Time Under Tension and Unmade launched a groundbreaking industry survey to explore how AI is reshaping the media and marketing landscape in Australia and New Zealand.  

Early insights

The survey responses highlighted the lack of AI maturity in the media and marketing industry, exposing a lack of organisational preparedness. The findings showed a large gap in AI familiarity, adoption and support, with a broad mix of attitudes from respndents.


Sentiment varied from apprehension around job losses, to optimism about opportunities for growth and career development.

Marketing & media professionals across Australia and New Zealand overwhelmingly believe there’s not enough organisational or regulatory guidance on AI at present.

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Drafting the guidelines

As part of the humAIn conference we held a working group, led by Time Under Tension's Ben Cooper and Stephen Foxworthy.

The working group was held under the Chatham House Rule. Participants included industry leaders, the heads of industry bodies, agency bosses and senior professionals. 

We wanted to move from defining high-level principles to establishing guidelines and guardrails based on the working group's input.

We set ourselves a challenge to conduct the workshop at the beginning of the conference, and then present our findings to the full conference audience at the end of the day.

To achieve this ambitious deadline, we enlisted the help of AI to ensure we could go from unstructured inputs from the working group, to structured outputs ready to share back to conference in under five hours.

The humAIn AI Principles

We will…

Unmask Everything: Be brutally transparent in all AI applications.

Put Humans First: Design AI to serve people, not the other way around.

Reward the Good Guys: Financially back companies that stick to their ethical guns.

Teach the Masses: Make AI knowledge accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Trust, But Verify: Scrutinise every AI output and data source.

Spill the Beans: Share all successes and failures openly to help us all improve.

Play by the Rules: Follow all privacy laws and regulations to the letter.

Give Credit Where It's Due: Acknowledge everyone who contributes to AI development.

School the Team: Continuously train teams to be AI-savvy.

Champion Ethical AI: Promote balanced, ethical use of AI tools and tech.

We will not…

Ditch Our Principles: Stick to our ethical guns, no matter what.

Chase Hype: Stay grounded and avoid the AI hype-train.

Worship Machines: Never let AI overshadow human importance.

Let Bias Slide: Actively hunt down and eliminate AI bias.

Use Dirty Data: Only use clean, legally trained AI models.

Replace Humans: Use AI to boost human roles, not replace them.

Compromise Privacy: Guard people's privacy and security fiercely.

Rip Off Ideas: Respect and protect others' intellectual property.

Create Noise: Avoid pumping out useless or misleading AI content.

Wait for the Law: Go beyond the law to ensure our AI ethics are top-notch.

Check out the detailed breakdown of the research and development process from Time Under Tension, including using AI as a research partner  

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