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In what we believe may be a world first, we’re delighted to announce the Unmade AI Upfronts.

The AI Upfronts will be part of the conference program of humAIn - human creativity x AI. The event focuses on the use of AI for media and marketing, and takes place on July 12, 2023 in Sydney.

Traditionally, media upfronts are an annual event in which TV networks and media owners showcase their upcoming programming, new properties and advertising opportunities for the upcoming year.

The objective of the AI Upfronts is to help our audience find the AI-powered products and services that offer genuine utility now and in the near future.

The initial conversations we had when we decided to support this emerging sector by building a community and event focusing on AI in media and marketing have changed almost beyond recognition in only a few months. Over 100 new products and applications built on Open AI launched last week alone.

The number of services, startups and companies claiming to be the solution to a huge range of professional challenges has proliferated. Against this dizzying array of new and emerging vendors, the wider discourse around the use of AI oscillates between the evangelical and outright doomsday prophesying.

In this frankly chaotic context, our ambition is to steer a steady course through the hype.

PJ Pereira, (founder & Creative Chairman, Pereira O'Dell), who is a member of our humAIn advisory panel, summarises the current situation thus:

“AI is like a giant wave coming in our direction. You can either run for the mountains or you can grab a board and try to surf it. But standing in the sea shouting that it’s evil is futile. You're going to be swept.”

When we announced humAIn, it was with the goal of making sure all delegates would leave with a playbook in mind for how to make the most of the AI wave in their own jobs.

Sorting through the solutions to bring you what we, in consultation with our advisory panel, believe to be the most useful and relevant AI tools currently available, through an Upfronts format seems like a very practical way of doing just that.

We can’t promise to teach you how to surf, but the aim of humAIn is to help you read the water and stay out of the rips.

The AI upfront format will be a Shark Tank-esque fast round of lightning pitches. At the close of the session, the audience will be able to vote on the pitch they feel is going to offer most benefit to their work lives.

There are still some spaces available for pitches - please send your proposal, clearly explaining the relevance and use cases for media and marketing professionals, to: Cat at

Announcing the humAIn AI Upfronts


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