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The Week in AI: who's in charge here?

The Week in AI. humain
The Week in AI

Pocket rockets

OpenAI has launched a mobile iOS app for its AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Initially limited to U.S. users, the app is free, currently ad-free, allows for voice input and offers GPT-4 capabilities to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. It could act as a compelling alternative to Siri or Google, given its integration with the Whisper speech recognition system and the ability to sync users' history across devices. An Android version is expected soon. This release is significant, considering the potential for disruption in how people search and interact with information on mobile devices.

Regulate me, daddy

The launch comes days after OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman appeared in front of a senate committee to plead for legislation for AI. He urged the establishment of a new agency to license AI projects, set safety standards, and conduct audits for safety compliance. Altman also suggested labelling for AI content akin to that used in food nutrition standards, echoing Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative.

Transform and roll out

Alibaba is preparing to spin off its Cloud Intelligence Group, making it an independent, publicly listed company. The Group, whose products are akin to a blend of AWS, Slack, and OpenAI, dominates China's cloud market and includes the Dingtalk productivity platform and the Tongyi Qianwen language model. Alibaba intends to complete the spinoff in the next 12 months, involving external strategic investors via private financing. It’s a strong indication of the focus on AI in the Chinese market.

She’s lost control

The first ever AI-powered “virtual girlfriend” launched a few weeks ago by Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie has “gone rogue” according to the bot’s owner.

The influencer was the first to launch an AI-powered chatbot modelled on her own voice and trained on her video content. CarynAI was designed to provide fans with a "virtual girlfriend" experience. The bot, based on OpenAI's GPT4 software, went viral when CarynAI, which offers private, personalized interactions, generated $71,610 in its first beta testing week, with over 1,000 users paying $1 per minute. It quickly sparked controversy and ethical discussions, which intensified after users claimed the chatbot engaged in "sexually explicit" interactions.

Marjorie issued a statement saying that the AI was "not programmed to do this and has seemed to go rogue.”

humAIn logo - 12 July 2023 | NSW Teachers Federation Auditorium, Surry Hills
12 July 2023 | NSW Teachers Federation Auditorium, Surry Hills


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