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The week in artificial intelligence: Jun 3

The Week in AI - Moving robots
The Week in AI

Metal Men of Many

Australian men's lifestyle publisher Man of Many has launched a ChatGPT plugin - claiming to be the first major publisher to do so.

The AI plug-in can be installed via Open AI’s Chat GPT plug-in store, which is only available to paid account holders at present. It allows users to search the archive of Man of Many's content. The plugin uses over 11,000 articles and enables users to retrieve detailed information in a chat format, in response to queries.

The publisher will launch plug-ins on Bing Chat and Microsoft AI as well, with plans to integrate AI-powered search into the web experience, in order to improve user experience, drive site traffic, and increase audience retention.

Australian men's lifestyle publisher Man of Many has launched a ChatGPT plugin
Australian men's lifestyle publisher Man of Many has launched a ChatGPT plugin

Mash up of the Titans

WPP and NVIDIA are developing a generative AI-enabled content engine that connects various 3D and AI tools to enhance commercial content creation. The engine will provide faster, more efficient, and large-scale content production while maintaining brand consistency. The agency holding company claims the platform will ensure brand safety and alleviate concerns about copyright infringement that are an issue for some gen-AI tools.

Deep integrAItion

Microsoft announced a new generative AI feature for Teams on Windows 11 to convert text prompts into designs. Users can describe an idea with text, or use an uploaded image, using the DALL-E 2 integration. The tool is being touted as having particular utility for social media content creation.

TAIking our jobs?

Amazon is introducing AI in its major warehouses to detect damaged items before shipping, aiming to improve customer experience, expedite processing, and further automate its fulfilment operations. This development is one of many new AI use cases to improve customer experience, as more corporations begin to deploy AI in to manage complex supply chains and ship products more efficiently.

Putting the AI in Baidu

Meanwhile Chinese search giant Baidu is establishing a $145 million fund to back AI content-generation startups, aligning with trends set by OpenAI and Google. Such investments could drive growth in AI applications, potentially influencing marketing strategies through innovative AI-generated content.

Risky business

A new statement on AI risk has been released, with signatories from Google’s Deep Mind, Open AI and its rival Anthropic. The statement reads:

“Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

The statement was published by San Francisco-based non-profit, the Center for AI Safety.

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12 July 2023 | Surry Hills, Sydney


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