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Announcing the pitches going head-to-head at the AI Upfronts

humAIn AI Upfronts

We can today announce the lightning pitches that will be duking it out as part of humAIn’s AI Upfronts next month.

The presentations will showcase a cross section of new AI-powered services and products that have most potential value to the media and marketing world. The presentations vary from AI-powered radio creative to generative AI campaign development, to using AI to design customer experience, to creative production software.

The AI Upfronts include presentations by software giant Adobe, commercial radio platform Dashi, and Time Under Tension and Trilingual, two agencies that both emerged this year with generative AI tools and services for brands. The final presentation, which involves a project Unmade has been collaborating on, will be revealed shortly.

AI Upfronts


AdGPT is a trained AI model that can create insights and campaign ideas from no more than a brand name. The tool will be demonstrated by Pip Bingeman and Amy Tucker, co-founders of Trilingual, a studio helping agencies and brands use AI for creative strategy, media strategy, AI training, research and forecast modelling. Tucker has previously held senior marketing roles at Shopify and Twitter, while Bingeman led strategy teams at Cutwater, Bohemia and Ikon.


Adobe’s customer experience, technology and innovation director Jamie Ragen will demonstrate Adobe Firefly, which is a family of new creative tools driven by generative AI, starting with image generation and text effects. Adobe’s Sensei GenAI services will be integrated across the platform as a “co-pilot” for marketers, intending to improving productivity and efficiency while providing full creative control.


Dashi is a project management platform designed specifically for the radio industry, allowing broadcasters to produce ads at scale. Dashi streamlines the briefing, creative writing and commercial production process for account managers, creative writers and audio producers. Abe Udy, founder of Abe’s Audio, and co-presenter of Unmade’s Start the Week podcast, will pitch a suite of AI solutions for commercial radio.

Time Under Tension

New agency Time Under Tension, which launched this year, will show off the agency’s toolkit for working with brands and agencies to train AI models as brand chatbots along with driving wider customer experiences. The presentation will be from co-founder Jason Ross who was previously managing director at Accenture Digital.

The fifth and final AI Upfront will be revealed in the coming days, when Unmade unveils a project we’ve been working on in the publishing space.

Tickets for humAIn, which takes place in Sydney on July 12, are on sale.


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