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Media and marketing industry leaders prepare for AI disruption

Today sees Time Under Tension and Unmade launch a groundbreaking industry survey to explore how AI is reshaping the media and marketing landscape in Australia and New Zealand.  

The insights will help inform the HumAIn Principles working group, which takes place ahead of Unmade's AI conference for media and marketing, humAIn, on May 28th, and the results will be shared with the wider industry following the conference.

Generative AI's rapidly evolving capabilities are disrupting everything from copywriting and design to creative production and media planning. This shift raises urgent questions about agency revenue models and the very nature of marketing jobs in the AI era.

Leaders such as Martin Sorrell have predicted that AI will decimate media jobs within the next few years. Open AI’s founder Sam Altman has publicly said he “hates ads” and that his expectation was that 95% of agency functions would soon be replaced by AI.  

Representatives from industry bodies IAB and IMAA will be participating in the working group, along with senior delegates from across the industry. 

To address these urgent issues, the survey and subsequent working group will foster an open dialogue on AI transparency, bias, industry self-regulation, and the future of media and marketing work. 

Representatives from the IAB and IMAA will participate in the working group, conducted under the Chatham House Rule to encourage candid discussion.

Jason Ross, co-founder of Time Under Tension said “We’re excited to be able to benchmark the industry’s adoption of AI for the first time, and help shape responsible use of this technology.”

One of our objectives for the humAIn conference is to support the industry in managing the potential risks, as well as the benefits, of AI transformation, which requires us to come together to navigate the changes in a collaborative way.

Please share this link with your colleauges and peers:

Discuss the survey insights with industry peers by joining the HumAIn Principles Working Group at the HumAIn conference. (Only registered delegates to the humAIn conference can attend. Places are limited).

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28 May 2024 | Surry Hills, Sydney


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