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From theory to practice: Here’s the HumAIn program

Since December 2022, when we first recognised the need for a local community of practice to examine the AI transformation for media and marketing, the pace of change has only accelerated.

Cat McGinn opening 2023 humAIn conference

Our first HumAIn conference explored the potential of AI in marketing, when only a few pioneers were experimenting. Today, the risks have multiplied: shadow AI, AI washing, and a struggle between tech-led innovation and a regulatory framework playing catch-up. This tension between progress and safeguarding customers, brands, and livelihoods defines the AI landscape.

For next month’s edition of HumAIn, we're focusing on the real, not the speculative. We want to support a culture of collaboration and transparency, to acknowledge that these technologies do not come with a handbook. We're all in an experimental phase, adapting to constant shifts even the AI creators can't fully predict.

This year's speakers and organisations are ready to share their processes – successes and failures – to aid our collective learning. They’re sharing the scribbles in the margins, what has worked, and the insights they gained along the way. We are all learning together, and by pooling our knowledge, we can navigate this transformation more effectively.

We’re delighted to today share the program in time for attendees to makes up their minds about attending before next week’s earlybird discount deadline expires.

HumAIn Principles working group

In a breakout session before the formal conference begins, 30 industry leaders will take part in a HumAIn Principles working group to create a framework for AI implementation in the Australian media and marketing industry. The discussion will be held under the Chatham House Rule.

Opening - Ed Husic -Minister for Industry and Science

Sexy/boring: the real story of AI-powered creativity for brands

The founder of the world's first AI creative agency, Jeremy Somers, will set out the way marketers need to think about AI-powered creativity.  From ideation to campaign execution Jeremy will explain the process of using AI to create work for global brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Yahoo!, Converse, 4AM and Fenty.Jeremy Somers, Founder, Not Content

From zero to one: AI for marketing

In an emerging sector, things are always moving fast...but never this fast. Whether you've been watching from the sidelines or actively experimenting, you'll have felt the exponential pace of change accelerating. Entrepreneur Stephen Hunt will walk through the basics of what AI is, a short history of how we got to this watershed moment in 2024 and why it's so important to embrace it. He will share tips, tricks and hacks through real case studies.

AI read the news today, oh boy!

This session brings together a diverse group of experts in the fields of AI technology, journalism, ethics, and digital media innovation. They will explore AI's profound impact on news production, distribution, and consumption. The discussion will cover the potential benefits, approaches and the guardrails news organisations must consider. 

AI read the news today panel - Sutton, Withnall, Davies and Davies

  • Melanie Withnall, Head of News and Information, Southern Cross Austereo

  • Michael Davis, research fellow, Centre for Media Transition

  • Shaun Davies, responsible AI consultant

  • Ricky Sutton, author Future Media

The AI Upfronts

This fast-paced pitch session shines a spotlight on the innovators and pioneers shaping the future of AI for the media and marketing world.

The four pitches: An AI platform for risk free handling of brand assets, customised AI tools designed specifically for creative, media, content, and brand teams. These tools are developed to protect organisations’ intellectual property and brand guidelines, and offer secure and effective integration into existing workflows. Presented by Tom Pitney, founder - AirStack

The CMO Chatbot: A personal assistant in your pocket that knows what campaigns you have live, how many sales you are getting, what products are performing best and what marketing actions you should take this week. Presented by James Dixon, Chief Digital Officer - Atomic 212

Heatseeker is the copilot for results-oriented marketers.It gives teams the ability to test their assumptions about messaging, positioning, and campaign strategy before they invest significant funds into a go-to-market strategy or digital campaign. Combining AI and real market engagement, Heatseeker automates social media test generation, execution, and analysis. Presented by Fiona Triaca and Kate O’Keefe - Cofounders, Heatseeker Australian image generation startup Leonardo.Ai aims to empower creativity with AI. Launched in December 2022, it has quickly reached 12m users worldwide. Last year the company raised $47m to fuel its growth. Leonardo.Ai offers a content creation suite powered by generative AI which provides customers with the ability to train custom models on their own intellectual property. Users are creating 4.5 million images a day. Presented by Jessie Hughes -senior creative technologist,

The VC View

Leading local venture capitalists will reflect on the pitches, trends and direction of travel in AI innovation and share their expectations for the industry.

  • Andrea Gardiner, CEO - Jelix Ventures

  • Annie Liao, founder - Build Club

  • Emily Rich, co-founder - M8 Ventures

Auto-nomous agents: driving conversions with AI

In this session, Carsales Mediahouse, AdFixus and Nissan reveal how they have used AI to power up performance in targeting audiences and increasing conversion rates across their platforms. The panel will share a deep dive into the data and technical considerations needed to prepare for the transformation, and the steps to success.

  • ​Markus Dollmann - Senior Data Scientist carsales

  • Vanya Mariani, Commercial Director of Media - Carsales Mediahouse

  • Marko Markovic - CEO, AdFixus

Trust Issues

The session will discuss strategies for AI adoption in organisations, guidelines and safeguards for using AI-created content, navigating copyright complexities, how to build trust with customers and audiences when using genAI; the creative opportunities and productivity benefits, issues of content authentication, how to protect brand assets and how the panellists are approaching transparency and disclosure.

The panel:

  • Sarah Yassien, Director of Corporate Strategy, SBS;

  • Gavin Chimes, Executive Creative Director, Howatson + Co

  • Aaron Michie, Head of Marketing Operations, Foxtel

The Great DebAIt

Two teams will debate the proposition: AI is media's extinction level event.”

HumAIn is in Sydney on May 28. Discounted earlybird tickets are only available until next week.

We hope to see you there.


28 May 2024 | Surry Hills, Sydney


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