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Week in AI: The Ubiquity

The Week in AI

Cat McGinn, curator of Unmade’s AI conference for media and marketing, humAIn - human creativity x AI writes the week in AI:

Nothing but blue sky*

Instagram looks to be developing an AI chatbot, according to data leaked by an app researcher. The social network is said to be planning to offer 30 different AI personalities, which could assist users and influencers in composing their messages on the platfom. Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has been incorporating these tools across various aspects of its established business operations, such as advertising sales, for some time.

Strap this to your face, it definitely doesn’t contain supersmart borderline sentient robots, yeah?

At Apple's annual big developer showcase, aka WWDC, the company announced several significant AI features including an improved iPhone autocorrect using a machine learning transformer language model, akin to ChatGPT. It also revealed an on-device AI that circumvents data privacy issues faced by cloud-based AI. Notably, Apple announced the new augmented reality headset, Vision Pro, and showcased its application of AI in various features without ever mentioning “AI”, referring to the capabilities only as “machine learning”.

Cat shows little interest in returning to bag

Mediaocean's 2023 Mid-Year Advertising Outlook Report, based on a survey of over 700 marketing leaders, highlights generative AI as a dominant trend. The most significant current use of generative AI in marketing is copywriting and data analysis, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and finding insights in large datasets. The rapid adoption of ChatGPT, which reached 100 million users in just a few months, underscores its impact. The rise of generative AI is said to be leading to improvements in workflow efficiency and media effectiveness, with marketers investing in AI-powered technologies to optimise campaigns and deliver more targeted and personalised messaging.

*your humble correspondent wouldn’t mind an invite, that’s all.

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12 July 2023 | Surry Hills, Sydney


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